The Richness of Emptiness


Putu Wirantawan (1972)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali
From February 19 to March 19, 2018.


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Wirantawan's imageries have their origin in trivial things found everywhere around the artist. Sunrays, water, fire, burning incense or cigarette that brings forth smoke, ash, dust, coarse and fine messages, and the ripple resulted when something plunge into the water, are among the everyday objects and events that inspire Wirantawan and fuel his artistic imagination.

Dancing with the Shadows


Nyoman Erawan (1958)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali
From January 15 to February 15, 2018.


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The art historian and critic Sanento Yuliman explains the term 'abstract' as " the style of paint that does not display the form we recognize as the kind of thing or pattern we see in the reality around us . . . does not describe objects (hence called 'non-objective abstracts) or paint figures (hence called' non-figurative abstract ') ".

Boundless Voyage


Ipong Purnama Sidhi (1955)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali

From November 7 to January 12, 2018.



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Life is too short and we have to run. I am running to catch up dots, lines, colours, and shapes. I grab the lines everywhere, every time, in every condition, in any place. From east to west, south to north. No doubt, in my inner feelings. Inside of me. A journey without border. Boundless Voyage. Wild, strong, free and expressive, that was the basic characteristics that describe who I am.

Ipong Purnama Sidhi

The Theater of Life


I Wayan Gede Budayana (1984)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 06 October to 06 November, 2017.




When you write about art, the artwork you are dealing with, sometimes is so banal that the writing has to be good to save it.
Everything is good in the matter. You can talk about something else, anything but art: the artist has exhibited abroad or he insults people in his installations, etc.
So I raise a question. What about artist who just strike you right away as good? Excessive subjectivity of the art critic, will say the critic’s critics. Yes, of course, but if you happen to be, like me, someone whose pen is respected in the art world. What do you do?

An Eclectic Collection


Fadjar Sidik, Edo Pillu, Faizal, Dipo Andy, Edo Pop and Sigit Santoso


Collective art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 20 August to 30 September, 2017.



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Indonesian modern art has had for many years its small crowds of foreign admirers. They usually look for a ‘difference’, often in theworld of symbols, and rooted in the cultures of the archipelago. Yet, they also unexpectedly get freshness.


Birds of Paradise


I Wayan Januariawan “Donal” (1986)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 10 July to 10 August, 2017.



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The most proper description technically to describe Balinese painting is that it is an art of coloring. Extremely varied, it ranges from the flat, simple contour coloring of the Young Artists' school to the sophisticated wash technique of the school of Batuan, but it rests everywhere on similar principles: there is a graphic contour which delineates the field of application of colors, 'isolating' them one from the other while allowing a play of harmony and/or contrast between the hues kept within the contour field.

Abstract Empathies




Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 07 June to 10 July, 2017.




There is a special way to look at abstract works and, here, at Syahrizal works.

As the eyes follow the color up to its ill-defined boundary, one must not ask any questions. One must not because the ‘ill-defined’ here does not indeed require definition. It follows its own logic, the logic of the ‘feel.’ The artist's invites us, color field after color field, nuance after nuance, to converse in a language that is spoken, not in words, but in a poetic blend of colors, surfaces and lines—some real, others simply suggested by the magic of the visual mood.

Ethical Feelings


Yonatan Rumion (1981)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 03 May to 05 June, 2017.


Yonatan Rumion


Lately, the government's development in several regions in Indonesia has attracted protests from the public. Why? This is related to the problem of the ecological impact of the area in which it arises. The destruction of the environment and the interests of large industries is a scourge for the people, the pros and cons should be taken seriously. Globalization is overwhelming the local cultural heritage.

The Inner Brightness


I Ketut Budiana (1950)

Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 17 March to 29 April, 2017.


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Who is Ketut Budiana? To a certain extent, he can be construed as the traditional artist par excellence. He was born (1950) and grew up in Padangtegal, Ubud, the birthplace too of some of the most famous artists from the Pita Maha school. Indeed, his cultural memory, shaped in the days prior to the introduction of television, is still that of the dance and theatre world of Bali.

Abstraction and Empathy


I Made Mahendra Mangku (1972)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 13 February to 13 March, 2017.


I Made Mahendra Mangku


I Made Mahendra Mangku was born in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali on December 30, 1972.
He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in 1997, and has been actively exhibiting his works both domestically and internationally since 1996.
For three consecutive years (1996-1998) his works were finalists of the Indonesian Art Awards. Mahendra Mangku now lives and works in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali.


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