"Reflections on peace"


at The Oberoi Hotel, Bali


Reflections on peace


“The concept of my works is responsive from what I see and feel in social life.
In my discomfort situation, where increasingly widespread forms of violence, induce me anxiety and a sense of empathy, what in my view should be developed, is back create a sense of peace, by looking at the values of our local wisdom.
In Bali, we keep the relationship of man with man, man and nature and of man with God; and we continue to see human values that were developed by Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and from other characters as well.

Live together in the nature with care and without exploit it, is no longer the issue, develop our conscience is the real aim.
My question is; how many wars and how much destruction the human being will have to endure, before realizing that the real purpose is the development of our own conscience, and not the accumulation of material goods that inevitably we will have to leave on this earth?
Through my work I want to leave a testimony of peace, with the intent of reminding everyone how important is, for our growth, a peaceful earth.”

-I Wayan Gede Budayana -




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