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December 19, 2015


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For more than a thousand years Indonesians have used Wayang Theater as a method of addressing the conundrums of life.
The lively puppet traditions of South and Southeast Asia have portrayed epic stories that shrank the cosmos down to a miniature world.
The vast expanse of the earth could symbolically be reduced to the few feet of a puppet stage. The puppeteer’s lamp became the sun, throwing light on myriad creatures who, in their nobility or baseness, make up the world.

The greatest stories ever told could be sung with one voice, and battles that “shook the world” could be fought by the two hands of the puppet master.
By using the small world to represent the large, the puppet master (dalang) challenged himself and those who watched to understand the forces, seen and unseen, that make up the universe.
So far, leather puppets has already been recognized as the World Heritage by UNESCO.

Since childhood Lugiono, always enjoyed the performance of Wayang; after completing his training in the art, the artist feels the need to adopt the puppet for express his own inner world.
Lugiono has amalgamated successfully his interior visions with the real world on his canvas; presenting the puppet characters in the real setting of the acting.
On his works the color reflects happiness to support the presentation of the characters for being cheerful, energetic, loyal, tough, critical and wise.
The artworks of Lugiono, based on a plastic depiction of the leather puppets, is meanwhile modernist and with specific and unique characteristics.




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