Made Budhiana


"Beyond Freedom"



The Oberoi Hotel, Seminyak, Bali

From 14 July to 11 August, 2016


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Budhiana dove and immersed himself within his abstract expressive paintings while he was in his quest for his own art. All that he kept inside now waited to emerge in freedom; and all the academic theory that he acquired for years for years in his university built something new within him. Early on his artistic journey, he realized that what he needed to do first was to acquire freedom of artistic expression.

Budhiana’s freedom of expression and choices of his style became stronger in mid of 1980’s nearly before 5 years of his university study. Abstract style with dark, heavy colors dominated Budhiana’s art work, but they radiated sense of freedom that was Budhiana’s choice of expression. This personal and unique style earned him an award for best non-realistic painting in the Sport and Art Event in Yogyakarta in 1984.
Budhiana won another prestigious award called Pratisara Affandi Adhikarya in 1985 for the non-realistic painting category. The same award went to him in 1986 for the same category.


- I Wayan Suardika-
(Crossing the horizon)



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