Tjandra Hutama K.


"Rejang Dancers"


The Oberoi Hotel, Seminyak, Bali.

From August 20 to September 30, 2016.


Rejang Dancers


The Rejang dance is a ritual of the Balinese community, performed in temples as a sacred offering to gods.

It is a presentation to welcome and entertain the gods coming down from heaven to earth. During the temple ceremony, gods are invited through mantra and puja to come down from heaven, and then abide in the sacred objects like Pratima or effigy.

Rejang dances, especially in Karangasem, eastern of Bali region, are performed by female dancers usually around a holy place or shrine, where the effigies are placed. The Rejang dancers have many combination clothes and crowns, there are about more than 50 types in the Karangasem Region.

Rejang dance, usually must be danced by a girl or teenager who has not got married yet, for represent the sanctity and purity of the ritual.

Tjandra Hutama’s work, is characterized by a mixture of various overlapping images in ancient colors, fusing the dancers with soil, water, air, cracked stones, splash, wood and leaves, the nature of impermanence which is part of the element Panca Maha Bhuta (elements of the universe and the human body). In his works, the artist seems to give an almost divine importance, a reminder of the presence of the gods in our daily lives.


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