Birds of Paradise


I Wayan Januariawan “Donal” (1986)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 10 July to 10 August, 2017.



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The most proper description technically to describe Balinese painting is that it is an art of coloring. Extremely varied, it ranges from the flat, simple contour coloring of the Young Artists' school to the sophisticated wash technique of the school of Batuan, but it rests everywhere on similar principles: there is a graphic contour which delineates the field of application of colors, 'isolating' them one from the other while allowing a play of harmony and/or contrast between the hues kept within the contour field.

This technique of coloring binds drawing to color. Line and color complement each other both plastically and aesthetically. The function of the graphic line is to give form to the color surfaces. Reciprocally the function of color is to give a plastic value, and volume, to the drawing.


Jean Couteau, Ph.D



I know the artist Wayan "Donal" Januariawan since very long, even when he was still painting with a Balinese tradition
style. I always follow the development of his work in addition to his daily painting at the ARMA Museum.
As an impressionist, Wayan "Donal" Januariawan is always interesting to be observed, especially the work of Heliconia (a kind of tropical ornamental plant) that is very interesting both from the coloring and theme that is applied to the canvas. Not too heavy from the point of view of art but it becomes very interesting because the artist's intelligence in processing color tone and accuracy of sunlight.


Anak Agung Yudi Sodana
(Art writer)


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