An Eclectic Collection


Fadjar Sidik, Edo Pillu, Faizal, Dipo Andy, Edo Pop and Sigit Santoso


Collective art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali.
From 20 August to 30 September, 2017.



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Indonesian modern art has had for many years its small crowds of foreign admirers. They usually look for a ‘difference’, often in theworld of symbols, and rooted in the cultures of the archipelago. Yet, they also unexpectedly get freshness.

This is what characterizes the present exhibition, collected over the years by a discreet collector—a well-known personality who has chosen to remain anonymous.

The exhibition is eclectic. It contains a rare work by Fajar Sidik (1930), one of the early abstract Indonesian maestros. His works often have a little air of Klee, with here and there figurative references with a symbolic undertone, like the icons of the moon and the sun one sees in his only work in the present collection. Apart Fajar Sidik, all the other artists are contemporary ones. The most “Indonesian” is arguably Faysal, whose naïve primitivism evokes the crowds of Indonesia. Dipo Andy uses icons of personalities to pass us a message. Madonna and Yves Saint-Laurent evoke the role of the rich and famous and media domination, whereas Marx, the icon of social justice, put here on a par with Pol Pot, reminds us of the destructiveness of political protest taken to the extreme. The other artists are more personnal. Edo Pop shows us a man entangled by problems he cannot solve. Edo Pilu’s lone character shows us the helplessness of Man’s condition, while Sigit Santoso “Banana Man” evokes the power of sex in the construction of masculinity. On the whole, this exhibition shows us Indonesian artists more as human brothers, with their contradictions, than as exotic beings eager to emphasize their supposed “difference”


Jean Couteau, Ph.D.


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