Dancing with the Shadows


Nyoman Erawan (1958)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali
From January 15 to February 15, 2018.


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The art historian and critic Sanento Yuliman explains the term 'abstract' as " the style of paint that does not display the form we recognize as the kind of thing or pattern we see in the reality around us . . . does not describe objects (hence called 'non-objective abstracts) or paint figures (hence called' non-figurative abstract ') ".

This explanation helps us know the current paintings Nyoman Erawan does in this exhibition. On the paintings there is no description of objects that we can identify, no human figures, in addition to the signs of the traces of brush strokes and color selection of the pattern of the game tend to be limited.
Overall the works shows the values that might be achieved by the composition of specific color strokes. If you note more carefully and near, the paintings shows some kind of rule about the look on the surface fields, as well as the effects of an explosion — someone might be able to connect it with a sensation of an experience, event or just a silent state.
For those who are accustomed to enjoy painting, that sort of understandable feelings emerged and form by traces of movements, flow of liquid paint strokes whom sometimes can appear thin and translucent, and sometimes can appear solid and powerful.
The skill set of Nyoman Erawan give rise to various forms of unexpected possibilities, generated by a mixed paint technique that describes the position of Nyoman Erawan as a senior experienced painter.


Rizki A. Zaelani


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