The Richness of Emptiness


Putu Wirantawan (1972)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi Hotel, Bali
From February 19 to March 19, 2018.


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Wirantawan's imageries have their origin in trivial things found everywhere around the artist. Sunrays, water, fire, burning incense or cigarette that brings forth smoke, ash, dust, coarse and fine messages, and the ripple resulted when something plunge into the water, are among the everyday objects and events that inspire Wirantawan and fuel his artistic imagination.

In his drawings Wirantawan re-imagined the ordinary and invented a new artistic scenario. In order to transform the ordinary into art, he extracted its formal essence and used it to perform a suspense-filled drama on paper. Wirantawan's drawings are composed in modern aesthetic manner, through the application of modern aesthetic concepts, techniques, and instruments, yet strangely bear the atmosphere of traditional mind. His compositions strongly indicate the traces of linear and ornamental characters of classical Balinese art as well as the reminiscences of traditional Balinese psyche immersed in cosmic and supernatural powers. At the same time, they demonstrably reflect the modern notion of the subconscious.
In a subtle, lyrical, and poetic manner, his works mirror the present day cultural dynamics that unite as well as differentiate cultural identities, the old and the new ones.
Wirantawan's non-figurative drawings seem to strongly suggest that art is something that exists beyond reality; hence, art has the power to transform reality. Only artworks that are both dramatic and sublime will succeed at transcending ordinary reality.


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