Windee Winata (1974)


Art Exhibition in The Oberoi, Bali
From May 28 to July 02, 2018.


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“One”is the way I connect with the unknown. When I’m out there, it feels like a union, or as a Balinese priest once said to me when viewing my images: “The small universe meets the big universe.” The outcome is the image - it’s never about the visible setting, but rather the spirit. I long for simplicity in life, and this is reflected in my photographs. The locations I choose to photograph are a consequence of my need to escape, and be alone - a personal journey of solitude that is my safe haven. I gravitate to airy, beautiful places that seems to bypass my brain and resonate with my heart.


About Windee Winata
Excited about an upcoming trip to Egypt, Greece & Turkey, I bought my first film SLR. I was over the moon with 3 photos out of 14 rolls of films, hooked with photography, and decided to make the camera a permanent necklace.I took pictures of everything, read hundreds of photography books, messed up my apartment bathroom developing film negatives and prints, discussed and did photography things with friends, including some small exhibitions. Soon I neglected my automotive engineering study for two and a half years, and showed up at the university only to do my 20 hours a week job as a student researcher for a novel city vehicle project. It was an electric motorcycle with three wheels & a canopy. Our task was to make it as safe as possible. One day I fell in love and wanted to marry my girlfriend. I thought it would be easier to ask for her parents' permission as an engineer than as a student (-wrong), so I quickly finished my study, and secured a job as development engineer at The Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Sindelfingen before my final exam, it felt great.
With the birth of our daughter, I immensely enjoyed having a new family and a cool job. For a while photography took a back seat.
Later, over the years, I rediscovered doing personal work. Actually it felt more that I was found by photography again, so I started doing fine art, and the sky turned bluer.


The Technique
Each image was captured with a single long exposure which is unpredictable, yet I bask in the feeling that I cannot fully control the outcome. The images I love seem to only emerge when the universe takes over. The process feels more like a fulfilling collaboration. The results often surprise and delight.





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