Dipo Andy (1975)


Art Exhibition at The Oberoi, Bali.
From January 02 to March 04, 2019.


Jalan Kayu Aya, Pantai Seminyak, Kuta, Bali


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Until twenty years ago, Indonesian artists had access to a very limited visual world: that of Indonesia and its traditions as well as that of the art books available at the local art schools. And suddenly, the digitalization and the internet were there, for everyone to see and learn. Faraway lands and icons suddenly became images of everyday life. Better, the digital world provided new techniques of duplication and interpretation of reality.

There ensued a revolution in the Indonesian art world, mostly among artists and students hovering around the Art Institute of Yogyakarta.

Dipo Andy was one of the pioneers of this new digital-inspired art. He did not paint reality. He painted the icons of this reality. Mostly portraits of people we like to identify with. To this extent, and contrary to his peers, Dipo did not directly criticized “iconization”. He feigned to embrace it, showing that our visual world is fully referential: it exposes what we don’t experience, but only see and are made to admire all the more. It was Pop Art of a new kind.
Yet, there came a moment to Dipo when he thought he had to give up the “fake” world his works exposed. Fake because of their referential icons, fake because of the digital print technique he used. And what is the exact opposite to fully digital controlled images. Abstraction.
Oh, not geometric abstraction and its inventory of color contrasting! Not abstract expressionism: Dipo Andy does not try to exhibit the hidden structure of the self. But something in between, where brush and color look for the right touch, the intuition.
Yes, if Andy’s previous works, in the name of “thought”, both exposed and denounced technique and rationality, his present series shows him let himself go in form and color, toward the unknown. He is searching what he would like to grasp if he knew what it is. In art the most interesting is indeed what can’t be explained, can’t it?


Jean Couteau Ph.D


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