Gunarsa I Nyoman


Born in Banda, Klungkung, Bali (1944).


Gunarsa studied painting and also taught sketching at Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia(ASRI, Indonesia Academy of fine arts) inYogyakarta, and graduated in 1976. He is a founder member of the Sanggar Dewata Indonesia artists’ group there in 1970. He began his career as a lecturer at the Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI, Indonesia Academy of fine arts) inYogyakarta. After passing through realism, he finally chose the abstract expressionist painting style and Bali as the main theme of his work. This is the basis of his creative concept, namely rhythm. Gunarsa paintings are developments of forms which he mastered while doing earlier in this career. "I painted the lines as I sing, I put the colors as I dance", he said. The artist won the Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya art award in 1976, prizes in the Biennale - III Jakarta in 1978 and Biennale - IV Jakarta 1980, and the Lempad Prize for art in 1980. In 1994 he received the Dharma Kusuma cultural award from the government of Bali, and the Satyalancana Kebudayaan art award from the President of Indonesia in 2003.


His works are documented in the books, The Play of Line and Color of NyomanGunarsa (1993), Nyoman Gunarsa (1995), and Nyoman Gunarsa Moksa (2004).


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