I. B. Putra Adnyana was born in 1958 in Denpasar, Bali. Although he studied law, he decided in 1984 to devote himself to photography, and was soon in demand as a professional phottographer. His subject matter has always been the exploration of the beauty of Balinese culture. He switched from analog to digital photography in 2000, and presently uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.
I. B. Putra Adnyana has group-exhibited widely in Bali and Jakarta, as well as in Frankfurt and Japan.



1985–1987 First place for the “Tourist Motif” competition, awarded by the Governor of Bali.
1999 GoldMedal at the 35mm slide competition “Beauty of My Native Country,” Perhimpunan Fotografi
Taru managara.
2007 PT Epson Indonesia Company, Jakarta.
2008 First Place in the nationwide photo competition Color Imaging Contest.
2010 German Open Medal - Color Projected Image Division at 3rd German Open Circuit, Silver Medal
2010 FIAP Honorable Mention at 40th HKCC International Salon of Pictorial Photography, Hong Kong.
2010 Merit Certificate at VIGEX International Photographic Print Salon, Australia.
2010 FIAP Bronze Medal at Spanish Andorran Circuit, XII Certamen Internacional Mallorca.
TPPC Bronze Medal at the 6th International Salon of Pictorial Photography, Hong Kong


His photographs have been published in numerous books and periodicals:


. Fokus der Kamera: Drei balinesische Fotografen 1930–2009 by Achim Sibeth,Museum der Weltkulturen
  Frak furt am Main und Autoren (2009).
. Javanese Antique Furniture and Folk Art by Bruce W. Carpenter, Editions Didier Millet, Singapore
. Inventing Art: The Painting of Batuan Bali by Bruce Granquist, Satumata Press (2012).
. Balinese Art: Paintings and Drawings of Bali 1800–2010 by Adrian Vickers, Tuttle Publishing (2012).
. Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali by I Gusti Nyoman Darta, Jean Couteau and Georges Breguet, BAB
  Books, Jakarta (2013).
. Lempad: A Balinese Timeless Master by Ana Gaspar, Antonio Casanovas, and Jean Couteau, Picture
  Publishers (2014).


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