Founded in 2014, IFA “Indonesian Fine Art”, is a non-profit project dedicated to Art, whose aim is promoting modern and contemporary Art in Indonesia. We believe Art is a fundamental contribution to society’s values. We focus on proposing innovative projects. We strongly believe in collaborations with curators, galleries, institutions and anyone who has the opportunity and joy to work on this area; besides, we are interested in finding, supporting and promoting Indonesian Art; as long as every Artist diversity and independence of thought is preserved. But, just as in Art, where "all things move, all things run, and space no longer exists”, also IFA intends to reconceptualize the way to present its artists and promote its exhibitions. In a globalized, dynamic and constantly innovative world, IFA will not keep its Artists’ works in one place only, but will make them active parts of the same world they have been conceived in. Collectors, art critics and enthusiasts, or simply visitors from now on they will no longer need to go and look for Art. Art will move and travel from place to place to be admired and experienced in different contexts. Starting from IFA, exhibitions will then take a trip towards different locations such as galleries, museums, congress centers, gardens and others unusual spaces. This is the manifesto of IFA, a movement in which we strongly believe in, in the hope of contributing to the development of the collective consciousness, aimed at improving the understanding and exchanging among people, through art.


Adriano Richard




"Dedicated to art and used solely for the purpose of encouraging the Indonesian genius."




“Create a network of collaborations between galleries, institutions or unusual spaces, to promote the Indonesian art to a wide audience.”


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