Mokoh I Dewa Putu


Born in Pengosekan, Gianyar, Bali (1934 – 2010).


He studied Balinese wayang style painting with his uncles I Gusti Ketut Kobot and I Gusti Made Baret, both of whom were central figures in the Pita Maha artists' association. For many years Mokoh was a member of the Pengosekan Community of Artists that was established in 1970 by his younger brother, I Dewa Nyoman Batuan. He participated in group exhibitions in Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Italy.


The artist exhibited at the Venice Biennial in a two-man exhibition with Mondo in 1993. In 1995 the artist held solo exhibitions at the Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan, and in the D Gallerie, Jakarta in 2003.


Mokoh's work is often characterised by family scenes with children playing. His work breathes intimacy, sensuality and a yearning for the days of childhood, often with a humorous element. His paintings depict ordinary, everyday events, which he transforms into the extraordinary.


He uses a pastel pallet with a few colours in most of his paintings, a feature that tends to make the themes appear more subtle.


I Dewa Putu Mokoh passed away in 2010.


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