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Art Summit Indonesia 8 (2016-2017)
Reposition: Reading Back Map and
World Changes Performing Arts

Intertwined with pergeseranpergeseran happens in the realm of political economy, performing arts landscape of the 21st century is also moving and change. Center of the performing arts world, both in the northern and southern hemisphere, not only experienced hard shocks from within him , but also facing a major challenge from the 'centers' new vegetated.

In Asia, for example, in 15 years, the festival and performing arts institutions with big ambitions - which is reflected in the scope and range of spatial program - stood and took place among others in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At a certain level, the establishment of "centers" also recently challenged not only the old center in Europe but also the old center in Asia, such as in Japan.
Urgent question: where does Indonesia between motion and shifting the world's performing arts center?
Furthermore, how does the Art Summit Indonesia (ASI), an international performing arts festival an annual 3 (Triennale) held by the Indonesian government since 1995, must respond and respond to motion of a change in the landscape of the performing arts of this world?
Outside the institutional framework, in the practice of creation, how a shift in the aesthetics of performing arts? Forms, methods and what kind of sensibility (A) whether the growing (or blocked) in the performing arts in the global sphere as well as in Indonesia today?
Before you can answer the questions above, feels immediate needs are: repositioning, put Art Summit Indonesia in perspective as well as a new perspective, to be more able to dialogue with the state and the new challenges in the world of performing arts globally and domestically.
Therefore, unavoidably, the world of performing arts should be read and re-mapped. On the basis and purpose of the above, then we, the team of curators Art Summit Indonesia, developed the framework for a program that divides the organization of the 8th edition of breast milk in the two inseparable. Two parts in a continuum: 1) Festival workshop (workshop) and a public lecture (public lecture) performing arts to be held in August and November, 2016, and, 2) Festival (performances) works of performing arts, which will be held intensive and concentrated in October 2017.


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