Art Jog 10



Changing Perspective


19 May - 19 June 2017


Art Jog


Changing Perspective: The Challenge for The Artist
Changing Perspective is the chosen theme to run ART|JOG this year. The goal is to change the perspective of individuals today which has become profane. Perspective or a point of view is closely related to paradigm. Paradigm is how each of us sees the world, and how sometimes it doesn’t suit the reality. So far, perspective usually relies heavily on logic, which is sourced from the rationality of human brain. And the way our brain itself functions, still hasn’t reached its maximum level. Paradigm is developed by how we’re raised, our experience and the choices we’ve made so far. Hopefully through this theme we'd be able to affect, or change, the perspective one used to have.

"If the West mostly uses science approach (knowledge), then the East cultural, tradition and common sense, things considered less representing the knowledge of modern society globally. That's what the artist in ART|JOG should respond, the paradox of those two perspectives, and hopefully by embracing both, and along with technological advances, the artist can take a fresh look at how they work from various point of views, not only from technical aspect but also the interpretation. Hopefully, it can enhance and achieve beyond what we have had and have experienced now," said Bambang "Toko" Witjaksono, the curator team of ART|JOG|10.
Besides specially inviting some artists to participate in the event, ART|JOG also provides a big opportunity for the artist and the public, through Open Call Application, to send their works to be curated by ART|JOG. At the same time this program is also the best way to scout the best young talents. "This year, we pick 73 artists, whether it's the ones we invite or self-apply. Then we run the selection process, not only based on the compatibility between the piece and curatorial concept, but also based on the character of the artist themselves, the presentation method and the newness of concept they use. Provoking how the artist works is what Changing Perspective tries to pry this year," added Ignatia Nilu (the curator team of ART|JOG).


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